Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thanks and goodbye

thanks to everyone who came to our last show. ryan dowdy is handsome. teen wolves was really cool. listen to black kites. lyrics and a list of past shows can be found below.

check out our other bands: Breathing Room, Mountain Dude, and Panthers Vs. Wolves. you can download our old demo here if you want it.

welp, see ya later! xoxo, richard nj


"Just a tradition" is that your excuse?
No justification, for this abuse
Hundreds of babies, cry out each day
Their sexual organs, you rip them away
If circumcising women, is so barbaric
Look in the mirror, you fucking hypocrite
It's acceptable, when done unto men
The cruelest of views, is what you defend
Claim ignorance, but a lot can be done
Change is up to you, if you have children
Start today, build a foundation
Never mutilate, their sex organs
Because of your choice they're cut off
Their body not yours, cut off
How can you look yourself in the mirror? Cut off
I stand against you, cut off


You wake up each day, and believe what you're told
Never question values, remain apathetic
You gave up your "soul," years ago it was sold
In a struggle for power, the world has been tricked
No hell in the ground, you live it each day
No reddened goat demon, no being in the sky
Let alone a white male, you believe what they say
To rot in the dirt, when you fucking die
Defy psychology, science, and logic
For centuries the world's been been fooled, you're still believing this?
Preaching love, preaching peace, acting in opposition
You can help change others' minds, everyday, your decision
If you oppose racism, and sexist bigoted shit
Evaluate your faith, you perpetuate it
Mind imperialism, 'til there is nothing left
You say you're living, you're just dead 'til death


Count your fucking currency
Brag about your new tv
New hot job at the office
Your idea of success makes me sick
Luxury for no reason
Reveal in your excessiveness
Only you can break your chains
Find your own happiness, fuck the rest
Rat race


Spit out words, they're nothing more
Than illustrations of your substanceless existence
Your entire life is such a bore
Your reverse rebellion, meaningless
And you're gonna pay
Act as if you stand for something
Your life is just a fucking farce
You lack intelligence, respond with nothing
Reverse rebel, I hate you


Economy is in shambles, lack of jobs
The world's consumed with wars, all unjust
Genocide each day, slavery too
I see average people, I hate all of you
Sexist, racist, homophobes, misplaced hate
I'm always out of step, I can't relate
I know that the world sucks, and it's hard to avoid
You gotta remember, you still have a choice
Your own outlook has a great effect on how you live
Gotta keep it 51% positive

1. 01.11.2010 @ America (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ The Misled (Virginia), To Live & Die In NJ, Shape, The Man From Somewhere Else
2. 02.06.2010 @ Ask Somebody (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Seasick, Zhenia Golov, Cumming Clean (Natural Law)
3. 02.27.2009 @ Charm City Art Space (Baltimore, MD) w/ Eddie Brock, Factors Of Four, The Skin Cells, Zeus
4. 04.09.2010 @ The Terrordome (Philadelphia, PA) w/ Deep Sleep (MD), No Friends (RVA)
5. 04.17.2010 @ The Iron Monkey (Jersey City, NJ) w/ Guilt Trip, Total Wreck (VA), Crooked Teeth (RVA)
6. 04.26.2010 @ Ask Somebody (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Silent Way, Kicking Spit, MLU (TN)
7. 06.10.2010 @ Ask Somebody (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Torchbearer, Disobey
8. 06.25.2010 @ The Terrordome (Philadelphia, PA) w/ V-Boys, Black Wing, Usurper (Boston), The Religious Vomits (DK cover band), Fuckheads (Boston), Whack, Uke Box
9. 09.30.2010 @ The Gutter (Somerset, NJ) w/ Civil Victim (Germany), Anal Warhead (Albany), Teen Wolves, Demo, Big Werm

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last show September 30. Dead 'Til Death.

hello everyone. after eight short months of playing shows, john wilkes youth is breaking up. our last show is Thursday, September 30 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. we are not recording our new songs that are actually good, so come hang at this last show.

mike is singing in a '90s hardcore band called breathing room. jordan is playing drums in a band called mountain dude. be on the lookout for both of them. justin is giving everyone high fives and writing for the over the top radzine, and he will probably be in a band soon. i am writing for the touring vegan blog and i will probably be in a band soon.

thanks to rob gray, metal pete/dystrophy, ryan hendriksen, nick consalvo, bragg, richie p., ryan dowdy/secret police, metal joe/dethroned emperor, lauren book/dead limbs, rob santucci, tom/jeff/jay black kites, dave/outlast, dan pelic, cobra lung, jack/patrick/randi/baltimore crew, raymond strife, guilt trip, george googa, and anyone else who cared about us.



Civil Victim - from Germany. They played at America 2 years ago.
Anal Warhead - from Albany on tour with CV.
Teen Wolves – ex-Shit Fit and Ke Chu-Cha.
John Wilkes Youth - last show ever.
Demo - Sal's friends.

$5 for the touring bands. No, the 2 dollars you have left over after going to the Hub is not good enough. facebook

thanks for reading. i leave you with a picture of the vegans.

xoxo, richard

Thursday, July 8, 2010


hello everyone.

about two weeks ago we played at the now-defunct terrordome house in west philadelphia. i would like to say that this was a completely awesome evening, and it was our favorite show that we have ever played.

thanks to everyone who attended and played. thanks to ed's buffalo wings and pizza for having daiya cheese pizza. most importantly, thank you to ryan for an outstanding year of all ages d.i.y. shows. you made philadelphia fun again for me, and we all love you for it. thank you.

currently, john wilkes youth is kind of hibernating. yesterday we had a very productive practice in which we composed a very angry song. i rip off cut the shit, but that's nothing new. tomorrow i am embracing on a magical journey with zhenia golov. at the end of the month, justin is doing the same with my turn to win. we will back to rock in the fall, so in september and october: look out for rock music.

i just put up a discography download link for my old band stressed out. check it out at:

our friends in dystrophy just put out a full-length cd called "chains of hypocrisy." it is outstanding and you should purchase and listen to it. death metal for the punks.

our friends in outlast just put out a split 7" with reveal the truth from florida. holy fuck, i cannot believe how great of a band they are.

see ya in a few months kids. even though none of us will be quite this awesome, everyone should always *attempt* to be. (see below.)

xo, RNJ

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last-minute show of the week!

This is going to be a short post, mainly because there isn't a lot to update about and I wanna focus on one thing:

The last coughcoughwinkwinknudgenudgecoughcough show ever.

This Philadelphia spot is one of the best D.I.Y. venues I've had the pleasure of both going to and playing, and it's a shame this Friday will be the last time it opens its doors. The kids who live there are some of the best ones around, and every band and show ruled.

Much love to the Errordometay, we'll try to rock as hard as possible.

South Jersey/Philadelphia crew, you better fucking be there.

This is our absolute, last show. FOR REAL this time.

If you haven't made it out to our now legendary house, well, you are a tool. However, you've got one last chance to make things right.

On June 25th, starting at 6:00 sharp all of our best friends from this year will return to rock the place one last time!

Line Up:

Trip Ruiner (stupid hollis pop band)
No Coffins (stupid hollis lofi hardcore)
V-Boys (Trashy west philly, poser pop punk)
Black Wing (Male/female crust punk from NYC)
Usurper (Male/Female crust punk from BOSTON
The Religious Vomits (DK cover band with members of Whack, Black wing and Zehnia Golov)
John Wilkes Youth (HCxHC)
Fuckheads (HC PUNK from BAWSTON)
Whack (NYC Classical HC Circus Punk that everyone loses their shit to)

+++ more tba +++

7-10$ sliding scale cause bands are driving from all over the place!

Get in touch with us if you want the address. We may have one or two shows over the summer, but they will be few and far between. So you better come to this one!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Holy crap...

...has it really been almost two months since the last JWY blog post, and three months since the last time I talked to all'a y'allz?


Since the last time I posted here, there have been a number of goings-on.

First, let me start off by saying R.I.P. STRESSED OUT. As you probably read, they decided to call it quits after just a little over two years as a band. This sucks, even more than other things that have recently ended (OK, that last one isn't "recent," but it's the best ending of anything ever. Shoot me.). They are some of the best friends and coolest dudes I've had the pleasure of knowing in nearly three years of livin' in the luxurious lap of the hub city. They, no doubt, went out way before the time. Especially with bands like Seasick and Zhenia Golov calling it (semi-)quits soon, Stressed Out was poised to become (along with Black Kites) the New Brunswick hardcore band. I'm gonna miss 'em, and I'm sure most of you will too. Luckily, they (and the aforementioned Black Kites) killed it at their last show. Dio was remembered. My arms and hands were cut and bruised. A bottle was broken. Et cetera.

Second, and this is an issue that's going to continue to pop up for the forseeable future, we need people to put shows on in their basements. Over the last year and a half or so, the number of active show houses has dramatically dwindled. While I am personally confident that this scene will continue to run long after I've grown up and started listening to Kenny G, it will only be that much harder if there is nowhere to put on these shows. You want your favorite out-of-state bands to continue playing in New Brunswick? They won't (and neither will the number of awesome bands springing up in the last six months) if they don't have anywhere to play.

Point number three:

Okay, so we haven't played a show for anyone (except for Dan Pelic, Nick, and 12 people in Jersey City) since April 9th. Luckily for you, we've got this baby comin' up:

Thursday, June 10th 2010
@ Phantom of the Opera House
(whatever, you know where it is)

TORCHBEARER (Richard put it best: "rulers of the mosh")
DISOBEY (rules)

7:00pm, $five dollar$

After that, we'll be taking a pretty extensive break from playing shows for most of the summer. You can hang out with Richard touring across the country with Former Thieves and Zhenia Golov. Tour dates can be found here and here.

During this time, the remaining three quarters of JOHN WILKES YOUTH is gonna focus on writing new songs that are longer than fifty seconds, moshtastic, and fun as shit (while Justin is putting out zines, Jordan is delivering sandwiches on his bicycle, and I'm busting my ass learning the wonders of journalism). We've talked about putting out a comprehensive cassette tape sometime in late summer/early autumn, and future released. All of this would rule.

That's all I've got for now, kids. Until next time, stay in school, listen to the new Ceremony and Off With Their Heads albums, and eat so much Cinco you wanna vomit.

Mike Davis
Mike Davis

(M)Ike Davis

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

420 LOL 69 XVX BBQ 51%

hello everyone.

our last two shows were pretty cool. on friday, april 9 we played at our buddies' house (THE TACO TEEPEE) in west philadelphia with deep sleep from baltimore and no friends from richmond. both of those bands were awesome. big thanks to our friends who live there, and to everyone who came. actually my favorite part of the night was visiting Ed's Buffalo Wings & Pizza. judging by the name alone, i might guess that this is probably not a place that i would wanna hang at. however, they have pizzas with daiya vegan cheese, which both excited and aroused people such as myself, jordan, rob santucci, and many other weirdos in our "crew." it cost $15 for a daiya cheese pie, which was pretty rad. i would recommend this place to you because they put up with wild assholes such as ourselves, and they were open until 2 am. hallowed be thy name.

on saturday, april 17 we played at the iron monkey in jersey city, nj with guilt trip, who were awesome, and total wreck and crooked teeth, both of whom are from virginia. we were off to a late start, and i thought this show was going to be sort of bogus at first, but it ended up being a great show. especially for a legal space. i am very excited to see shows happening in JC, and i hope that this can continue. we also played the best that we ever have. so if you saw us and you thought it sucked, be glad you weren't at the other shows!

we have a couple of things to figure out at camp JxWxYx. when we are recording next, what shows we are playing this summer, time on the road, when we will make burritos, how important The Terminator is, and more. more information on all of this will be coming soon.

our next show is on monday, april 26 in new brunswick, nj. MLU from nashville are playing, along with local stars silent way and kicking spit. we play first so please be PUNK-tual.

all of these bands that i am mentioning in this blog post are really sweet and can be found on the world wide web. you should check them out and purchase their records and support them.

xo and keep it stinky, RNJ

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"I been outside talkin' 'bout four things..."

Holy crap, has it really been almost a month since I last talked to you?!

We've got a few things going on in the wide, wide world of JOHN WILKES YOUTH, so I'll just run through the list and then add funny pictures and links.

First of all, I want to apologize to two groups of people. First, I would like to send my sincerest regrets to all of northwest-of-Philadelphia-but-not-quite-Allentown, Pennsylvania for not being able to hang out and play during our first John-Wilkes-Weekend-That-Became-A-One-Day-Mini-Road-Trip. I'm pretty bummed the show got canceled, it was going to be sweet to play with Common Enemy.

Second, I would like to send my personal sincerest apologies to everyone involved with running, playing, or going to the show in Trenton this past Sunday. My job was in jeopardy if I skipped it to play the show, and it would have been awful timing as far as money is concerned. We take all our shows seriously, and it's nobody's fault but my own that we had to drop off that show. I was so excited to play with our dudes in Outlast (and by "our dudes," I mean Justin and Richard's dudes). I hope you guys got to enjoy Justin's other "our dudes" in My Turn To Win. Their new EP shreds.

Okay, that's my 49% for this blog post.

There are also good things happening with our band:

• We have t-shirts! They are funny (much more to me) rip-offs of the classic Agnostic Front logo. You can buy them from us at a show for eight dollars, or for eight+shipping from our BigCartel site. You can also buy the demo for a buck!

• We actually have a few shows coming up! The first one is going to be on Friday, April 9th in Philadelphia (ask us for the address!) with a bunch of awesome bands. Headlining the show is NO FRIENDS, whose self-titled album was definitely in my top five for the year 2009. Imagine Tony from Municipal Waste and like half of the late, great New Mexican Disaster Squad playing fast, in-your-face hardcore. Lucky for you, that band exists, and it is No Friends. Also playing the show is AFFIRMATIVE ACTION JACKSON (with Josh and Andy from Paint it Black), who absolutely rules and doesn't play neeeeeearly enough and DEEP SLEEP from Baltimore who sound like every awesome hardcore band from the 1980s.

It is one of the greatest shows that we will probably play this year, so thanks to Andy Nelson for letting us play.

That's most of the goings-on, as far as JWY is concerned! If anyone's going down to Florida for the second annual Harvest of Hope Fest this weekend, I'll be there with four of my best friends camping in a giant tent (with a New Jersey state flag staked outside) and getting wet thinking about seeing Dear Landlord (Dream Homes was easily my favorite record of 2009).

'Til then!